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We specialise in residential and commercial
air conditioning systems.
Mid-wall Split

Mid-wall Split

Mid-wall Split air conditioning units are suitable for any single room application such as bedroom, lounge, office, etc. The indoor unit is situated in the desired room and the outdoor condenser unit is situated at a suitable outdoor […]

Ceiling Cassette

Cassette air conditioning units are suitable for any single room application, ranging from smaller rooms to larger rooms such as bedrooms, lounges, open-plan living areas, or open plan offices.
ceiling cassette


Underceiling air conditioning units are suited for larger areas, home, office and commercial use.

Hide Away/ Ducted

Hide away/ducted systems are suitable for home and office use. The indoor unit is installed within the bulkheads and each room is fitted with a duct to allow for excellent air circulation. The interior design of any home […]
hide away/ducted
multi-split AC systems

Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems

Multi-split air conditioning systems connects up to five indoor units to a single outdoor unit and offers a complete air conditioning system to multiple rooms/living areas with no need for ductwork. It allows for different style and size […]

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